Why you should live in Barcelona?

Spain is magical, full of incredible beaches, enchanting surroundings and good weather all year round. Spain is located in southern Europe, attracting not only international students but also young professionals who long to study abroad and experience Spanish culture.

In fact, did you know that Spain is one of the best destinations to live and study abroad? Yes! The city of Barcelona is the Catalan capital, considered one of the best cities in Spain, with a pleasant Mediterranean climate where you will find thousands of plans to do and enjoy and of course, get to know Catalan culture as much as possible.

Our Xior Collblanc residence on Campus Diagonal is located in Barcelona, ​​a city with a great quality of life, guaranteed fun day and night, and is very cosmopolitan. Here we leave a few advantages of why live in Barcelona:


1. The incredible weather of Barcelona:

Barcelona offers moderate and mild temperatures, the average is about 26º thanks to its geographical position and the effect of the sea that softens this climate, in Xior Collblanc you can enjoy an ideal climate. The winters are quite cool, but they can be easily carried, and the hottest days are in June, July and August due to the humidity of the sea and the sun that is never lacking. Barcelona’s climate is perfect for the city to stay alive so you can do everything you would like to do throughout the year.

2. Cost of living:

Compared to other countries in Europe, Spain has a fairly low cost of living, which can be great, especially for young professionals and students who want to live and study abroad on a budget. But of course, it varies depending on the city. Barcelona, ​​for example, is not the cheapest city if we compare it with the rest of Spain because of the salaries and the high quality of life. Leisure and food are expensive in Barcelona, ​​but you have many other activities that you won’t have to spend a lot of money on.

3. Good food:

If you don’t feel like cooking in the residence, Barcelona offers you exquisite and varied Mediterranean cuisine with a healthy eating style. Being a multicultural city, it also has international cuisine, where you can taste food from other countries. The typical Catalan food that you can find is the “pa amb tomàquet”, its famous “calçots”, “escalivada” or a rich paella. You can also enjoy a variety of tapas that will not leave you indifferent. If you live in the Xior Collblanc residence, what are you waiting for to savour all these dishes in the city!

4. Incredible beaches and nature:

Barcelona is also home to nature that is worth exploring. This city is located between the sea and the mountains, and one of the main features is its beach, where you can sunbathe, relax and unwind from the busy city life. The city offers ideal parks to disconnect such as Ciutadella, Turó Park, and Cervantes, among others and enjoy a getaway to the mountains finding viewpoints that give an incredible view of the city such as Bunkers del Carmel. You can enjoy many activities both in summer and winter.

5. Vibrant nightlife:

Barcelona never sleeps! It is a city that is always full of energy and at night it will not be less. It is a perfect city to go out to dinner with friends and continue having a few drinks or go out to party. The party in Barcelona usually starts at 1 in the morning in pubs or clubs with different types of atmospheres. The most attractive areas to go out are in the Raval neighbourhood or in the Gothic Quarter and good nightclubs such as Razzmatazz or Sala Apolo.

6. Amazing environment for students:

Barcelona is one of the main Erasmus destinations, there are many well-positioned universities in the best rankings with excellent bachelor’s, masters and doctoral programs. If you want to feel at home, we have our Xior Collblanc residence, which is waiting for you to enjoy all the wonderful things that Barcelona has to offer.


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