Why Xior Collblanc?

Barcelona is the favourite destination for university students because of the quality of the studies, the variety of degrees, the vanguard culture, the social life, its climate, and an endless list of things that make this city an ideal place to study abroad. Being the perfect place for students from all around the world to carry out their studies, we can also find that there is a diverse choice of student accommodation in Barcelona. However, as can be seen with all things in life, they are not all the same. But remember that we have the perfect student accommodation for you! 


Xior Collblanc is a newly constructed, bio-sustainable building constructed with the latest generation of materials that have the least impact on the environment. Use the facilities for the first time!

A way of life

Not only is Xior Collblanc a student accommodation in Barcelona, but it is also a way of life. There are people who take their future seriously, who search for success, who love life and their friends, and who make the necessary effort to achieve what they long for. Following these values and lifestyle, day after day, we are behind the students so that they find everything at our residence. Living, loving, learning, growing, and having fun are concepts that we instinctively associate with happiness, that is how we think at Xior Collblanc. We promote a passionate and intense way of enjoying things.

Good food in a good place

Spain is a country with a lot of gastronomic culture, and in Barcelona, we have the famous Mediterranean Diet. At Xior, our desire has been to transfer this philosophy to the cuisine we offer you: 100% ecological and local products, which are healthy and rich in vitamins. Sitting down to enjoy delicious food will become the most appetizing option for you at meal times. As well as our cuisine, we offer dishes from other parts of the world in order to satisfy the most curious palettes and to avoid monotony.

Differences between a student residence and a shared flat

The comfort and features that a student residence in Barcelona offers are one of the determining factors that make these residences one of the most demanded options. What a student residence offers to a recently arrived student in the city, is that he/she won’t be alone. They will share the same experience together with other students, they will make new friends with those living in the same residence as well as in their leisure time, and more, they will always have the residence professionals at hand for all their needs. This option is like them living independently in their own flat but with all the comfort of living in a “hotel”, with the assurance of being in a secure place with the protection of people that are especially dedicated to them, and whose job consists of making life easy and comfortable for the students.

Make lifelong friends

One of the biggest benefits of staying at Xior Collblanc is the opportunity to meet new lifelong friends from different backgrounds. With their own set of unique backgrounds, there’s no shortage of fun times as well as opportunities to learn more things about another country, without even getting on a plane. While studying abroad, you will attend school and live with students from your host country. This gives you the opportunity to really get to know and create lasting relationships with your fellow students.

After your stay at Xior Collblanc, make an effort, to stay in contact with your international friends. Aside from the deep personal connections, friends are also a great way to establish networking opportunities which could be beneficial in the future.

Are you still not convinced? Living at a student residence is the best idea for those wonderful university years. We promise you. Don’t miss your place at Xior Collblanc! On top, you will use the facilities for the first time. Everything is newly built, and everything is new.

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