What a student residence should have?


Stay at a student residence in Barcelona has a lot of perks. For the residents, it is more than a place where they can stay for a while, as they consider the residence their home, a second home, a place where they create memories, and where they will spend a long time creating unique and special friendships, growing themselves both personally and professionally, and where they will discover new experiences, meeting new people, countries, cultures, and ways of thinking that will help them to understand the world.

The residents who stay in Xior Collblanc are people who find themselves in the same situation you are in, so you will live similar experiences. We’ll show you what a student residence should have and some features of our residence.


1. Necessary services included and Basic services covered

At Xior Collblanc you have everything you need and you don’t have to worry about anything. The basic supplies such as water, internet, gas, and electricity are already included in your monthly fee. Besides our restaurant and weekly cleaning service, we also have a laundry room, wi-fi, and 24/7 reception.

The residence also offers places where you can study peacefully, private study rooms with a 6-person capacity, which allows you to set meetings, group projects, and so on. You can enjoy the resting areas and the gym, a differential which many different residences don’t offer. At Xior Collblanc the residents can enjoy all these services and much more!

2. Security improvement

As said before, Xior Collblanc Residence offers you 24 hours attention, for 365 days, with the reception open for all residents who might need it. We also have CCTV surveillance and an advanced access control system, with fingerprint sensors, and emergency alerts, if our residents require immediate assistance. Those functions provide the residence security in your daily routine.

3. Location

To fully enjoy the studying abroad experience, you must search for residences that are close to the universities or campuses of your interest. The residence where you’ll stay must have a great location and xior Collblanc is one of the greatest residences to live in Barcelona. It is located in one of the safest areas in the city, close to the Diagonal Campus and the UB/UPC Campus. The residence is in a pedestrian zone, connected with all of Barcelona.

At Xior Collblanc what we offer to our residents is to facilitate their routines. Being in the Collblanc neighbourhood will allow you to go anywhere you please on foot.  Your walking distance to the Diagonal Campus and UB/UPC Campus is 10 minutes, and 100 meters away, you will also find markets, restaurants, drugstores, and every essential service you might need. Besides that, just 300m away, there is also the largest commercial avenue in Europe. You have access to bus stops, subway stations, and public transport lines that connect you directly with the airport.

4. Social network enhancement

Places where you can talk with your friends are also an important point for a student residence. Our Xior Collblanc residence offers multiple common areas where you can talk and meet new people. We offer a multipurpose room with a TV, games, and more, a hall, and a terrace that will help you to connect with your friends. You have the opportunity to meet people from different cultures, with different backgrounds, and it can make you grow and learn a lot, which will be an enriching experience for sure.

The great advantage of living in a student residence like ours is to be in a place full of energy, with people you will bond forever, creating special connections, and memories that will last all your life. Enjoy your student experience the most!


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