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Finding a place you can trust is a great step to being able to concentrate on your studies and feel as if you were at home, the Xior Collblanc residence is perfect for this. Exams are just around the corner and in our residence we see all our residents studying like crazy in the study rooms of the student residence. 

Xior Collblanc of the UB/UPC Campus, a trusted residence especially for foreign students, with an excellent location to live your student experience close to many and the best universities in Barcelona that may be of interest to you, and we know that it is an added value when choosing between others since time and money are two essential elements when you start your life as a student and a good location allows you to save on both.

The Xior Collblanc residence offers you a few tips for your study, these will help you throughout the academic year, and even more during exam time.


In the previous blog about the planning of the study in the residence we already commented in more detail some tips on how to plan your study. But we want to reassure you and emphasize that you do not have to worry about planning your time because if you live in the residence Xior Collblanc we offer a service of half board or full board depending on the type of accommodation chosen. In the catering service we offer you will find varied, healthy, and appetizing menus with fresh ingredients, if you are vegetarian, vegan, or have any allergy or intolerance, we adapt the menu to your needs. 

In addition, another very important service to organize your time is the cleaning of the room and the change of towels and sheets. With these services, you will have free time to dedicate and focus 100% on your studies. Take advantage of it! 


While you study you can play relaxing music in the background, this does not imply that you will concentrate, it depends on the person, but if you are one of those people who need to study with background music, always try to play classical or instrumental music with nature sounds (rain, birds, etc.). 

Another factor to concentrate on is to put your cell phone away from the moment you start studying or put it on airplane mode so you can not be distracted by notifications. Above all, avoid any type of electronic device so as not to be tempted to waste time surfing on them. 


To have a productive study you have to rest, and not only sleep the necessary hours so that your body and mind are energized, but also take breaks of a few minutes to disconnect something that helps a lot to return to the study concentrated and fresh. In our residence you have many areas to make these breaks, for example, the multipurpose room, and the rooftop or you can also do half an hour at the gym or some relaxation activity such as yoga or pilates, and then return to study in our outdoor gym in Xior Collblanc. 


The space to study is very important and you have an important advantage in the residence: you don’t have to worry about noise! You can be in your room alone while you study or in an amazing study room that Xior Collblanc residence offers you. In this room you can prepare your exams and papers in our study room, you are prepared so you can study comfortably and in a quiet and peaceful area.

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