Tips for A Great Christmas Away from Home

No matter why you may be spending the holidays away from home this year, you may be wondering how you can “make the season bright” without being at home.

At Xior, we try our best to bring the comforts of home to you. Each of our room has a cozy vibe with loads of home-like comforts. Check out our tips for enjoying the holiday season while spending Christmas away from home.

Create That Christmas Vibe

If you’re spending the holidays away from home, make every possible effort to bring this festivity to where you are currently located. Use the best of what nature has to offer to decorate your dinner table, mantelpiece or coffee table. It could be a picture from past Christmases, a Christmas card you received from your family, or you could also prepare some meals that you normally have for Christmas dinner.

Stay Connected with Those You Love

With unlimited technology at our fingertips, staying in touch has never been so simple. Schedule a Skype call with your friends and family during any Christmas parties they might be having, either by phone or perhaps via video on FaceTime or Skype.

It will make you miss them more but seeing them celebrating makes you feel like you’re right there, too. And It’s also the perfect opportunity to wish everyone Happy Holidays and to enjoy a little quality time with them.

Try To Do What the Locals Do For Christmas

The holiday season always brings about a great sense of community across the globe, no matter where you live or what your beliefs are.

With community being one of the pillars of Xior, especially when it comes to our extended stay guests, we are constantly on the lookout for events, festivals and celebrations taking place nearby. Check to see if there are any holiday events going on whenever you are. They may not celebrate Christmas, but many other cultures and religions celebrate other winter holidays, so it’s worth investigating if there’s a local activity you can participate in.

Volunteer At Local Shelters

Volunteering at your local shelters is a perfect way to give back to your new community. It is also a great way to fill your day. Being able to give to others is the key element to Christmas Day so volunteering and spreading joy through offering your time and service is a generous way to hold space for joy in the day. If you could include your friends, you could make it even funnier.

Start A New Tradition

Try not to miss the things you’re missing being away from home this Christmas, and instead fill your day with cool stuff to carry on into Christmases to come.  New traditions don’t have to be expensive or elaborate. All you have to do is carve out a few hours and spend the time doing something fun, so make sure there’s something great to stand out in your memory. This could be a new dish, particular type of gift or a game you play.

Treat Yourself to A Cheeky Christmas Gift

Being away from home means that you probably not going to receive many physical gifts from loved ones during your Christmas away from home, but this doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself.

Use this Christmas as an excuse to splash out on something you wanted for a long time, whether that’s a new item of clothing, some locally made delicacies or a bottle of champagne.

Hopefully, we’ve given you some comforting alternatives to the traditional Christmas vacation and you can either embrace your loneliness or take your mind off it. This is the season to be merry, so make sure you’re festive with us at Xior Collblanc.

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