In Xior Collblancyour sons/daughters will be fine.

Student residence Xior Collblanc Barcelona


without surprise

In Xior Collbanc won’t have surprise, you will ready have lots work daily. From the beginning you will know your monthly rate and choose the best one fit with your possibility and done!



Xior Collblanc has a recep>on 24h and 365 days full year helping your sons/ daughters for everything they need. We also have closed circuit video surveillance and a control of finger prints access and emergency advise if they need a immediately assistance.


healthy, ecology and socially responsible food

In Xior collblanc we take care a lot about food of our residents. For them we offer a variety of diet, prepared in our kitchen with ecology products of season. For the period of exams or they need, we can prepare take way food and so they don’t lose >me moving. They also can visit farms where can see where the products grew up, milk, cheese, yogurt they eat daily in Xior Collblanc. As a part of social coopera>on responsibility, all food our guests don’t finish we will give to people need in our society, with help NGOs through social canteens in the city of Barcelona.



The daily clean of all common areas, included weekly cleaning in the rooms to changes sheets and towels. If you want, can ask to increase frequently the extra cleaning. For this reason, all residence and rooms, have an automated hygienic air renewal to ensure that our students live in a healthy place, filtering the air from the outside.


Xior Collblanc is in one of the most security areas and calm of the city nearby Diagonal Campus and UB/UPC Campus, also to stay in a pedestrian area excellently connected to anywhere in Barcelona.



The residents will can move in any university of the city, in study centers, pharmacies, medical centers, commercial areas without use any kind of public transport. You can also walk in any place and with bike streets, all kind of public transport and if they don’t have own car, you can use different rental car services nearby.


services 100%

The residence offers all you need to live comfortable and study a full without worries.


Fluently communication

Xio Collblanc have an own intranet for a good communica>on between residents and our team. Your sons/ daughters can also can choose the person in our team where they feel more comfortable to manage any problem during their stay.


In Xior Collblanc we want our guests make new friendships. WE organize different activities and events to grew relations between other members to share their emotions now and for the future.

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