Xior Collblanc offers meals based on the Mediterranean diet and also prepares all the dishes with fresh products that we obtain directly from those who grow them. We do all of that for your health and well-being, for the well-being of farmers and for the benefit of a planet that increasingly needs us to take care of it and treat it responsibly.

BUFFET student

50% of a good recipe is the raw material, or was it 60%? so with this premise, we work to ensure that our cuisine is the most delicious, healthy and balanced. The dishes are made in our kitchen with products that have been chosen with great care.

At Xior Collblanc you will enjoy a rich and varied Mediterranean diet, as well as meals from other parts of the world! The menus are varied so you can try everything!

You will have a buffet for your breakfasts, lunches and dinners so that you can choose what you most want at any time. In addition, during lunch and dinner you can choose between several dishes prepared at the moment and cooked on our griddle for a fat-free diet.

You can enjoy salads, pasta, vegetables, meat, fish, fresh fruit and homemade desserts every day, without worrying about buying and cooking. Everything is ready for you so you don’t waste time preparing it and you will have all the time you need for your studies and for your more than deserved free time.

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