Apartment or Student Residence: Which one is cheaper?


Have you thought about living your university experience abroad? You have plenty of options where you can live. Our home is the place where we can relax, study, and sometimes, work. With that said, it has to be perfect for your needs. Barcelona is full of incredible housing options and Xior Collblanc is one of them. Our premium student housing deliveries fully furnished rooms at an amazing location, close to everything you need.


An apartment can be a cheaper option, but you may have a lot of issues regarding bureaucracy and surprising bills. That’s why a student residence has much more benefits for you. We have listed some tips that will help you to choose the ideal place for you to live your Erasmus experience in Barcelona.


1. Start looking in advance:

Our first advice is: Start looking as soon as possible! Planning in advance will allow you to choose the student housing that suits your need the best. Organize your travel a couple of months before avoid the stress of doing everything at the last minute. Grab your computer, sit down somewhere quiet, and start searching. You can create a list with your favourite options and separate them according to location, for example. Then list the pros and cons of your top 5 options. This will make your decision much easier and possibly cheaper!

2. Choose a resident with all bills included:

Trust us: this will save you a lot of trouble. Having all the costs included, unpleasant surprises are avoided. Fortunately, many student accommodation options in Barcelona offer all-inclusive rental packages. Xior Collblanc, for example, offers rooms that include water, electricity, super fast wi-fi, and room cleaning service once a week with a weekly change of towels and sheets. So you can just relax and enjoy university life in Barcelona safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to worry about extra costs!

3. The online platforms are your best friend:

Renting an apartment in Barcelona could be a stressful process. In general, the house owners in Spain ask for a lot of bureaucratic steps, such as a guarantor, proof of income, and many other requirements that do not make your life easier. Do not worry about it, we have great news; everything can be easier! With the Xior Collblanc Online Booking Platform, you can book your room safely and easily.

4. Don’t forget about your comfort: 

We have already mentioned, but it is worthy to repeat: Your home in Spain must be perfect for your needs. Even for just one semestrer, we are sure you don’t want to live in a dirty and ugly place. Make sure to choose the correct option and select the best place for you. Living in a place where you can find yourself comfortable can affect your mood. A convenient, clean, and welcoming residence will make you much happier and more relaxed. Xior Collblanc has well-decorated and fully furnished rooms, that will make your stay unforgettable. Besides that, Xior Collblanc has different common areas such as: study rooms, a gaming room, a rooftop, and more for you to relax and make new friends in Barcelona.


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